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:: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 ::

I'm still alive. Kind of. I'll update in a few days, if I get around to it. Exam week right now, though I've only one worth going to. I managed to bomb one class. I should have withdrawn. Lesson learned. Anywho, off I go to study.

:: TeldakSS 3:30 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 ::

Suffice it to say, I am still around. I have no good reason for not updating recently, considering I was on holidays for three weeks of the non-posted period. I'll be out, though, again. I'm kind of in a mess right now, involving taking a rather hefty credit-load and its work. Anywho, I'll try to get an update in soon, but I can't really think of a good time until Saturday. Til then.

:: TeldakSS 10:24 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, November 18, 2005 ::

I am back and somewhat alive/dead. I finished those midterms I mentioned before and started in on a whole different round of midterms. Not quite overjoyed. I also have a lot of other problems going on, so the stress kinda mugged me like a tourist in a bad part of town. I have done some stuff in the last couple weeks, some of which rocked, most it boring. I also managed to get people in my classes to take notes for me next Monday and Tuesday, so I will be taking a long holiday. I'm going back home tomorrow until after Thanksgiving. Hanging out with a bunch of people, bumming around town, working on stuff, maybe making stuff. Maybe I'll get around to redoing the sidebar here in Infinite Probability. Then maybe some more. A lot of reading, a lot of watching, and some homework *gasp* even.

I haven't been up to too much, just class for the most part. There are a couple really great things that went on, though. For one, I got to drive the Viking 24. It's a 800 or 900lb car (including me), with a 900cc engine and a straight-axle in the rear (imagine an incredibly powerful go-kart). Badass car. Intensely badass car. There was also Japan night, where the Japanese exchange students put on a show. They did a couple songs (Ookinafurudokei, Dogwood flowers), a fashion show, a part of the traditional Soranbushi dance, and a little movie. The MCs did the movie, an amusing little bit. Switching names out for privacy, so there's HM (girl), H (guy), Y (girl) and T (guy). Basically went like so: HM, one of the MCs, woke up on time and realized the H, T and Y didn't wake up on time and went to wake them up. H was first one up, then T, then they looked for Y. She's sitting in the bathroom, crying and yells at them. The subtitles were all fine and normal up until then, normal conversational tone and all. (They're all Japanese, so it would make sense they were speaking in Japanese.) When it pans over to Y, she shouts and it's translated to, "WHAT THE #&*@ ARE YOU LOOKING AT!?" Just sort of out of the blue, really amusing.

I realized that one of the coolest things about living in the dorms here at school is the people. Not just my friends, but the random strangers. Especially the random Japanese strangers. It's great to talk to the Japanese people. You can tell, as the year goes on, that their comprehension gets better and better. Unfortunately, some of them still have slight issues. Yoshi still responds to, "What's up?" with, "Good." I think I need to teach him that one. Idioms are confusing, so I have to give him credit for hitting close to the mark. The women seem to pick things up quicker, though, not sure why. Not only that, but they're sort of a pleasent background, white noise. I stay around the main lounge until 2 or 3 in the morning and they're always there, buzzing about and doing their homework. One plays the piano and has amazing skill. I wish she could stay here for the year; there's little that is more pleasant to listen to than her hands on the piano when I am dong homework.

:: TeldakSS 7:45 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 ::

I've been neglecting this, I know. I have, however, been up to my ears in homework. Another midterm has crept up on me and will be next Wednesday, so don't expect a post between now and then. I need to remember those study habits I developed last quarter, last year; they're really handy in keeping my grades up. Otherwise, life has been good.

As I mentioned, I'm no longer employed. This is a definite plus. Management was terrible, to be frank. I wasn't trained before I started, I was officially criticized (can't think of a better way of putting it) because I wasn't doing my job correctly, was told I could go to the company's training unit (which, strangely enough, no one happened to know how to find) for some training, and was then intrerrupted two weekends in a row to go to piddling meetings that told me nothing useful. Those meetings were supposed to be 'training.' Hah. The second meeting was to tell us whether or not we could still work at our current location. Okay, enough ranting.

Last weekend was almost perfect. I got my road bike on Friday, new tires on my mountain bike on Saturday and was visited by a friend for a couple days and my family for a few hours. When my family was up here, we went to lunch and around town to pick up some things I needed. They also dropped off a lot of cookies! My roomies and I definitely appreciated it. Actually, that's about all that happened. But it all went according to plan (or not so off-base that it mattered), hence my being pleased.

:: TeldakSS 10:49 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, October 06, 2005 ::

Well, my two weeks' notice is in. I remembered why I took the job: a few extra dollars would be nice and the job looked like it would be nice. I also remembered one of my personal philosophies: If it isn't necessary, don't be beholden to it. And for $40 a week, I am not beholden. Yesterday was the last straw: I was notified I had a mandatory meeting on Saturday. Now, notification is nice, but upper management told us the official policy is early warning. I've seen postings for a safety meeting on October 19, but this blindsided me. There was no accnouncement, no flyering for us, nothing. Until yesterday. My only alternatives involve skipping class to do the training, which I cannot do because I have midterm exams and quizzes. I already had plans for Saturday that involved a lot of 'me' time. I planned on going back to the bicycle shop and picking up a bike, going on a nice long ride, showering, taking a nice long nap, and going to a ridiculously fun concert. Now I have to interrupt either my ride or my nap to go to work. This does not make for a happy day, as I will have to suit up for work, which adds in another ten minutes, then dress down from work clothes afterwards. So I have to waste an hour for work that I could spend sleeping or riding. I guess this is just another way of saying, "Even the best laid plans go to hell."

:: TeldakSS 1:08 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, September 30, 2005 ::

Second beginnings

Classes have started again, which is interesting in its own right. Aikido has started again and I am attempting to regularize my attendance. Gary took over as head teacher/student. He's institued a beginners/stretching session, an hour of easy stuff that will loosen and limber a body pretty well when done regularly. I love the feeling. Formula SAE started again and I am excited about the possibilities for this year. Racecar Engineering has some amazing coverage of Formula SAE insights that will be helpful to our team. Hopefully I can convince a student experienced in machining to team up with me so I can do a study of the intake possibilities. It seems one team recorded a power number 4/3rds of the norm because they used a different type of throttle.

I started another job. I don't like it. Well, truth be told, I did. Until today. Apparently I am not suited towards retail in the corporation for which I work. Which will remain nameless until I am no longer employed by them. And when I am no longer employed by them, I'm going to divulge some interesting information that could cause an interesting stir. I guess I formulate my arguments in the meantime. And decide whether to submit two weeks' notice or not. I hold two positions, both of which I was okay with the first time. But a couple of managers managed to really kill that one off quicklike. It's basically a revolving door company, sort of like McDonald's. Anywho, I've said enough and slept not-enough, so I am off to sleep.

:: TeldakSS 3:18 AM [+] ::
:: Friday, September 02, 2005 ::

So little to do, yet so much done. I've finished up ten weeks at work. Yes, ten. I decided to take today and yesterday off work, turning Labor Day Weekend into a five-day weekend rather than just three. One of my friends came back from the east coast for the weekend, so I picked him up earlier tonight. This is definitely an exception night: I haven't stayed up past 1AM since I got a job. I guess waking up at 10AM and forcing myself to stay awake did sort of give me a second wind.

What have I done? While, I applied for and got a job during the school year (cashier at the convenience store in my dorm complex). Bought a rack of ribs from a co-worker, as they're supposedly earth-shatteringly good. Good price, too, about 8AUD over the cost of the ribs for seasoning and cooking. Going to Seattle on Saturday to check stuff out. Four days of work after that. Two of the people I work with that have the same, ten-week long position are gone now, thankfully. They were both rude, crude and disrespectful to say the least and I had a hard time not ripping them both up by telling the boss some of the crap they talked. They're gone and do not intend to return, so I am happy. I have been packing the rest of my school stuff up, so I am ready to go when necessary.

Tomorrow is a little barbeque/get-together. Going to try to get a few friends, though I doubt a certain vegetarian will come, I may as well try. Saturday is a trip to Seattle, then come back, go to a show at Club Impact in Tacoma. Sunday, I may go to Bumbershoot. Monday is a recovery day, then Tuesday I go back to work until Friday. Next Saturday I go back to Cali until the Friday after that, when I move back up to Bellingham. The Saturday after that, I go to new employee orientation (presumably so they can teach me how to make a mocha, espresso or whatever other coffee drink I need to). Then on Monday I go to the bicycle shop! :D And possibly Tuesday as well, if I can't decide on Monday.

Overall, a lot has started going right. The gears are turning again and quite in my direction. I've got something like the next two weeks planned out, which makes it easy feeling. Just sort of go through the motions, then school starts after all that stuff above. I cannot wait. Summer vacation sucks, frankly. Money is nice, but I need my mind to be challenged constantly. I always feel the impact of the first round of exams. I would rather have four or five three week holidays than two three-weekers and a twelve week vacation. It would keep me a lot sharper. I think I am going to start doing summer courses for that reason.

:: TeldakSS 3:33 AM [+] ::

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